Gem Cutting

Since 2001

Gems by John LLC - Gem Cutting Lapidary Services

John has been cutting gemstones since 2001 with more than 5,000 to his credit. During this time, he has worked with more than 1,000 clients that include individuals, jewelers, and gem collectors in the United States, Africa, Canada, Europe, and Australia.  John learned how to cut gemstones starting with two one-day faceting lessons, and since that time, John has attended over a dozen week-long lapidary and jewelry making workshops.

He has experience cutting gemstones from rough - both faceted and cabochons, repairing broken gemstones, cutting stones for jewelry inlay, gemstone drilling, cutting slabs, trimming and cobbing rough, and offering stone cutting classes. John’s studio workshop is in Lexington, Kentucky, where he lives with his wife and three daughters, all of whom make frequent requests for his jewelry!

gem cutting
Tanzanite in White Gold Pendant

Gem Cutting Services

Gems by John provides full lapidary services

  • Gemstone cutting & polishing
  • Faceted cutting  $95 per stone  < 5 carat
  • Cabochon cutting $45 per stone < 25 mm
  • Trimming & Cobbing rough gemstones
  • Slap cutting rock & mineral $5 per slice
  • Drilling holes in gemstones  $25 < 5 mm
gem cutting
amethyst rough and faceted in gold ring

Gemstone Repair Service

Do you have jewelry with scratched or chipped stones?  John is an expert at making your stones look new again.  John also can replace missing stones in inlay jewelry.

  • Repair & Polish Crown   $55  < 5 ct.
  • Repair & Polish Table   $35    < 5 ct.
  • Inlay Stone   $55  per section
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Native Jewelry
gem cutting
(left) scuffed, (right) recut

Gem Cutting Class

  • Gem cutting workshop training class is scheduled by appointment, contact John by email at
  • One day faceting class workshop in Lexington, KY. $350 fee includes training materials and use of all lapidary equipment. Students will complete one finished faceted gemstone.
  • Half-day cabochon class workshop in Lexington, KY. $175 fee includes training materials and use of all lapidary equipment. Students will complete 3-5 finished cabochon cut gemstones.
gem cutting
18. Protractor angle set per cutting instructions - rough cutting pavilion facets

If you are searching for lapidary services near me, gem cutter near me, gemstone cutters near me, or gemstone cutting services near me - Gems By John is a gemstone cutter located in Lexington KY. He provides gemstone faceting services, gem cutting faceting, making cabochons gems for clients throughout the United States. John is a lapidary stone cutter providing gemstone cutting services, cutting gemstones in his workshop in Lexington KY. He is one of the very few gem cutters located in the United States. Call or text (859) 539-2407. Most of his clients are not local to Lexington KY. Clients are spread throughout the United States and few outside the United States.

Gems By John cuts raw gemstones and offers rough gem cutting services for clients throughout the United States. He provides gemstone polishing services repair and re-polishing faceted gems and cabochons. Gems By John lapidary services include cabochon cutting and gemstone faceting. John also inlays gemstones into jewelry.

Gems By John offers gemstone cutting services, gemstone re-cutting services, John can custom cut stones for jewelry, repair, re-polish scratched or chipped gems. Gem cutting services in his Lexington KY workshop are accessible anywhere in the United States by mail. John can facet or re-facet rough cut gemstones or make cabochons from rough cut gemstones. He provides faceting services, gem cutting, and gem cutting workshop classes, jewel cutting, also known as gem cutting or gemstone cutting. John cuts stones for custom made jewelry. He will custom cut gemstones for custom jewelry providing gem cutting services.