Gallery Cabochons

Photo Gallery Cabochons cut by John.

Gems By John cabochon gemstones photo gallery. All the colored gemstones were cut by John. All the handmade jewelry was made by John. Many of the  jewelry pieces are made with commercial mountings. All the colored stones and diamonds were set by John. 

John has been cutting gemstones since 2001. During this time, he has worked with more than 1,000 clients that include individuals, jewelers, and gem collectors in the United States, Africa, Canada, Europe, and Australia.  John learned how to cut gemstones starting with two one-day faceting lessons, and since that time, John has attended over a dozen week-long lapidary and jewelry making workshops.

He has experience cutting gemstones from rough - both faceted and cabochons, repairing broken gemstones, cutting stones for jewelry inlay, gemstone drilling, cutting slabs, trimming and cobbing rough, and offering stone cutting classes. John’s studio workshop is in Lexington, Kentucky.

Gallery Cabochons
cabochon opal doublet

This is the photo gallery of cabochons. 

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