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Facet Machine Accessory
GBJ Faceting Accessory Dial Gauge for Mark IV

The GBJ Faceting Accessory Dial Gauge breathes new life into old faceting machines and puts the fun back into faceting.  As John’s faceting student commented, "I

GBJ Faceting Accessory Dial Gauge for Mark 5XL

don't know how I could have cut my stone without the Gems by John Faceting Accessory Dial Gauge."

The GBJ Faceting Accessory Dial Gauge is designed to enhance Graves Mark IV, Mark I, and Mark 5XL Faceting Machines.

It incorporates an easy to read dial gauge that gives immediate visual feedback when cutting gems. It enables faster cutting by eliminating reliance on "cut by ear" audio feedback and by eliminating the repetitive process of cut-stop-look ~ cut-stop-look ~ cut-stop-look. It enables faceting to be stopped with more precision and with greater repeatability, thereby improving the depth of cut accuracy and finished gemstone symmetry.

The GBJ Faceting Accessory Dial Gauge is available to be installed on your Graves faceting head by the innovator John Wright who will mount and calibrate the dial gauge accessory. It is not available as a do-it-yourself kit. Installation will be performed in John’s shop and returned ready to use.


The Gems By John Dial Gauge Faceting Accessory makes it easier to use all Graves faceting machines:

  • Breaths New Life into Old Faceting Machines
  • Speeds up Cutting
  • Improves Cutting Symmetry
  • Improves Depth of Cut Repeatability
  • Improves Angle Repeatability


  • COMPACT DESIGN neatly fits all Mark I, Mark IV, and Mark 5XL faceting machines
  • HIGH CONTRAST black index lines on large white face dial
  • SMOOTH TRACKING spring loaded needle dial indicator
  • DURABLE lightweight aluminum construction securely mounted to faceting head


  • Converts any Graves Mark I, Mark IV, or Mark 5XL faceting machine into a Soft Stop machine
  • Makes it easier to use any Graves faceting machine
  • Needle directly follows cutting progress giving continuous visual feedback
  • Allows cutting to be stopped with more precision and with greater repeatable
  • Faster cutting by eliminating the repetitive Cut-Stop-Look, Cut-Stop-Look process
  • Aides visual monitoring of cutting progress and amount left to cut to reach the target angle