Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst Earrings

Natural Amethyst varies widely in color ranging from pale violet to deep purple. It can be very challenging to cut a set of matched stones and even more challenging to replace a lost stone.

Uncle Ben ask that I cut a pair of natural Amethyst earrings and pendant for my aunt. I chose medium purple stones from a box of faceting rough purchased last year from a dealer in Florida. I faceted two round stones from a single piece sawed in half. Ensuring good color match is simpler if you can do that. And the pendant stone was cut from a second stone with similar color. The amethyst gemstone jewelry set in 14K white gold was a smash. Aunt Norene was thrilled with her Christmas gift. Well, she was, that is, right up to the time when I got the call.
The call was from my uncle who said my aunt was distraught since losing one of the earrings. He asked if I could cut a replacement. And, I requested that he send back the one original so I could match the color. However, before it arrived by mail, I used some pictures of the original earring stones to select and cut a replacement stone from a piece of the original batch of facet rough.

When the earring arrived, it was quite obvious that the color was not a good match. There just is not any good way to match colors without physically holding two pieces side-by-side.

So, I chose a new piece of amethyst using the original to guide me and cut another stone. The following photographs and captions show the steps I followed to complete this finished project – Faceting Color Matched Natural Amethyst Earrings.

I think the replacement amethyst faceted stone and the original are a very good color match. The new stone measures 5.9 mm in diameter, weighs 0.65 carats, and is set in 14K white gold earring dangle with a white CZ baguette accent. No one would ever know just by looking at the earrings that one was replaced if they were not told this story about how I cut four stones to make one set of earrings.

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