Citrine Scepter

7. Final prototype stone

This was quite a unique and challenging project. My client presented me with a conceptual rendering of a Scepter, a geometric drawing of the stone, and a very large Citrine crystal. He wanted me to cut the Citrine into a faceted gem that would be used to mount in the center of the wings at the top of the scepter.

My first step was to make a cutting pattern to match what my client wanted. I used GemCAD, a computer program, to design the cut. There is a simulated image shown below for what the finished gem would look like. The 3 carat orange yellow Citrine test stone confirmed the look of the final design and matched the computer model of the  reflection pattern.

Next, I cut the largest section from the Citrine crystal free from most internal cracks and inclusions. As you can see I marked the shape of the finished stone on the crystal.

Notice the block I cut from the center of the Citrine crystal.
The extremely large, 385 gram, 1925 carat, Citrine rough is what I used to facet into the finished gemstone.

For comparison purposes and to give perspective on the large size I photographed the Citrine next to a tennis ball. The photo shows the same stone mounted on the dop during the process of cutting the pavilion (bottom) of the stone.

After I cut the pavilion (bottom of the stone) the photos show the stone in the alignment transfer fixture and then separated from the original dop and remounted onto a second dop used to securely hold the stone while cutting the crown (top of the stone).

Again to show the large size of this stone, I photographed one of the 3 carat test stones mounted on the faceting machine and another photo from the same angle with the 605 carat Citrine.

And finally, the finished golden Citrine gemstone weighing in at a full 605 carats shown next to the 3 carat test stone and the tennis ball. To date, this is by far the largest stone I have cut.

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