Faceting 3 Garnets

faceting 3 garnets

Faceting 3 garnets: Garnets are one of my favorite stones for several reasons. They have a fairly high refractive index. So when they are cut correctly, they sparkle. They also are straight forward to cut and polish. They cut consistently, unlike some stones with directional hardness like sapphires and rubies.  Garnets take a nice mirror finish polish. I normally polish Garnet with a Chrome Oxide polishing lap.

One thing to note about cutting garnet is the finished stone color appears darker than the color of the rough stone. This phenomena is similar when cutting Spinel and Sapphire. I choose rough Garnets a few shades lighter color then the color needed in the finished stone.

I originally prepared this cutting sequence to submit to Rock & Gem magazine. They had a Craftsman Corner column that showcased subscribers work. And if they published your crafted item they gave you a flex shaft tool. I submitted some of these photos. The Rock & Gems editor suggested if I resubmitted higher resolution photos along with more detailed descriptions he would put my story in their Step By Step column.  Unfortunately, I  photographed this Garnet sequence is with posting to the web resolution, not printed magazine resolution.

Although I was not published in the Rock & Gem magazine, I would like to offer this sequence for my viewers enjoyment.

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