Opal Triplet Bracelet

Opal Triplet Bracelet

This is the Opal Triplet Bracelet step by step. A local jeweler client handed me this sterling silver bracelet that was missing a stone, along with the kite shaped opal triplet. She ask me to re-cut the opal to fit into the link missing a stone.

The photos show how I cut a paper pattern using the stone bezel as a guide to match the shape of the missing stone.

I trimmed the opal close to, but a little larger, than the size needed for the finished stone.

I super-glued a nail to the flat back. The nail is used to hold the stone while cutting the outline shape and domed top.

I use a Pixie machine to form the outline shape, cut the domed top and polish the finished gem.

The finished cabochon is shown in the last photo, ready to be returned to my jeweler client who set the stone in the bracelet link.

What is a Cabochon ?

This is a question I often get from people who return from gem mining.

A cabochon has a domed top surface, continuously smooth and shiny with a flat bottom surface. The most common shape is oval but, cabochons can be cut into any shape - oval, square, round, triangle, cushion, etc.

Opaque or Translucent gemstones with vivid or bright pleasing colors are best finished into cabochons, as it is better suited for the beauty and characteristics of the stone.

- Think about jelly beans -

If gemstones looks like colored jelly beans than they are cabochon-grade rough gemstones, candidates to be cut into cabochon finished gemstones.

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