Sunstone Cabochon Teardrop

Sunstone cabochon teardrop
finished red and green cabochon Sunstone teardrops

Sunstone cabochon teardrop ahh, just today I received another request to cut a stone with some concave surfaces. Sad to say, I have not developed skills needed to polish gemstone surfaces that dip inward (concave surfaces). Those skills are held by Stone Carvers whom I admire.

I am interested in learning to carve gemstones and did take a week-long Jade Carving workshop. Unfortunately, the carving turned out to be 2-D carving, as in making grooved lines in flat slabs of jade. Interesting, but not really what I wanted to learn.

I did learn about and come to appreciate the differences between Guatemala Jadeite Jade, and the rest of the world's supply of Nephrite Jade. With Jadeite being more rare, harder, and more desirable. But ultimately, I did not learn how to carve and polish concave surfaces.  I am not a gemstone carver.

I am a gemstone cutter. I am a lapidary. I do cut faceted stones with flat faces. I do cut cabochon stones with flat and convex surfaces. But sadly, I do not possess the skills or the equipment needed to grind or polish concave surfaces. Maybe one day I will develop those skills and make the tools needed for carving.

So for now, with the skills that I do possess, what to do with a beautiful piece of green and red Oregon Sunstone?  For this long narrow piece, I decided to slice it down the middle length ways, smooth and polish a flat back, shape the two pieces like a long teardrop, and make the top smooth and convex like a cabochon.

These are the resulting 3-D red and green Sunstone cabochon teardrops. Not quite as interesting as a single stone 3-D carving but, that's the best I could make with my current level skill set 🙂